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Goobne Korea Oven Roasted Chicken

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Oven roasted chicken
The healthy food
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goobne is always h.o.t!!

Healthy, Original, Trendy

  • Healthy The oven roasted healthy chicken with low trans fats and calories

  • Original Rich flavor and savor of chicken itself with self- developed special seasoning

  • Trendy Read up on public's favorite tastes and preferences and lead a wide variety of flavors

A challenging idea to roast chicken in an oven without oil frying, has led to a chicken innovation that puts out the oil and puts the taste and health on the spot.

The promise of Goobne chicken




The Corporate Identity


    Goobne BI
    • Goobne

      Using a round, soft font and it is friendly, with a green leaf symbolizing which express freshness and health. Furthermore, it contains the brand's commitment to providing customers with safe food.
    • RED

      It represents an innovative and young image of the Goobne as a trend leader.
    • GREEN

      Freshness through a leaf motif and represent a more delicious and healthier chicken through 100% roasted in the oven.

    • GN FOOD

      CI expresses the sunrise that symbolizes the challenge and hope, and it is our commitment to be a leader in the Global Franchise Group.
    • BLUE

      It is a representative color of GN food, which means trust, stability and honesty.
    • GREEN

      It means the philosophy of the company that thinks the customer's shoes, in advance.