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Goobne Korea Oven Roasted Chicken

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Oven roasted chicken
The healthy food
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Goobne Story

Goobne chicken has become the most popular oven-roasted chicken brand in KOREA by serving customers with "healthy chicken" since the brand was launched in 2005. Goobne chicken contains less transfat, carbohydrates, sodium and calories since it does not use a single drop of oil during its cooking process. Once the chicken is roasted inside the oven, it will have crunchy outer layer with juicy meat inside, which gives the real taste of chicken itself.
11Vietnam 1st store open(HoChiMinh)
09Suzhou 1st store relocated open
07Malaysia 1st store open(KualaLumpur)
07Macao 3rd store open(Fai Chi Kei)
03Goobne brand ambassador "Yoon Jong Shin"
03Indonesia 1st store open(Jakarta)
09Hong Kong 7th store open(Taipa)
04Macao 2nd store open(Taipa)
03Japan 2nd store open(Tokyo)
02Goobne brand ambassador "Seo Hyun Jin"
01Suzhou 1st store open(China)
12Japan 1th store open
10Hong Kong 6th store open
09Hong Kong 5th store open
07Hong Kong 4th store open
05Hong Kong 3rd store open
04Macau 1st store open
03Goobne brand ambassador “EXO”
11China 3rd store open(Zhuhai)
10Hong Kong 2nd store open
09China 2nd store open(Shenzhen)
08China 1st store open(Guangzhou)
10Gwang Ju logistic center open
06Gumi logistic center open
12Charity sponsorship agreement (HOLT Ilsan charity organization)
10D’brunch & Café brand launching
0794st brand launching
08Goobne chicken 850th store open
03Scholarship students sponsorship agreement
11Vietnam children sponsorship agreement
06Goobne chicken 800th store open
10Goobne chicken 700th store open
09Yong In logistic center open
08Jeongeup logistic center open
07Gwang Ju logistic center open
04Gumi logistic center open
03Goobne brand ambassador ”Girl’s generation”
12Goobne chicken 300th store open
03Goobne chicken 150th store open
01Yuseong logistic center open
12Goobne chicken 100th store open
09Daegu logistic center open
05GN food establish
03Goobne chicken 1st store open(Gimpo city)